Safeguarding your team when it matters.

Safeguarding your team when it matters.

Hollie Guard is a next generation smartphone app that provides enhanced levels of protection.

Help protect yourself, your colleagues and your organisation with Hollie Guard. Hollie Guard is a personal alarm, deterrent, evidence catcher and more. Providing a lot more functionality than a regular keyring alarm for absolutely anyone who has safety in mind.

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Hollie Guard is a perfect addition to an organisation’s safety and personal care policy. We can accommodate any organisation’s needs with our flexible licensing option.

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Hollie Guard takes personal safety seriously


By simply holding down the hexagon button for 3-6 seconds, this sets off an alert and activates the phone’s camera, sending a message and recording to the your pre-defined emergency contacts. With Hollie Guard Extra, these Alerts are sent to a 24/7 police-approved monitoring centre too.

Meeting Timer

The Meeting Timer allows users to feel safe when going into a potentially dangerous meeting or performing a dangerous task. A user set timer will countdown until deactivated meaning the user has to mark themselves as safe, otherwise raising an alert.

Evidence Gathering

When raising an Alert, Hollie Guard can automatically start your smartphone’s camera and microphone to capture real-time evidence of the situation around you. Your emergency contacts can access this evidence real-time, as well as being saved in the cloud for later use.


Journey allows your users to set a start and end point. The app then automatically monitors your journey and alerts your nominated contacts and once you safely arrive or trigger an Alert.


Choose when and when not to share your location. Our smart phone app makes it clear when the app can access your location in times of need. Control what and when you share your data.

Hollie Guard Extra

With Hollie Guard Extra, you can have the reassurance that a professional, police-approved response team are there when you need them. If your emergency contacts are unable to respond, then a professional team will be there for you.

Watch how Hollie Guard works

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Excellent. Used it when walking alone at night, although I didn't activate the alarm, it was reassuring to have it on as a safe guard

AnonymousApp Store Review

Really pleased with this app. Feel so much happier when my grandchildren are out. If they are ever in trouble it can show me where they are. Brilliant!

AnonymousApp Store Review

I really cannot recommend this app enough. It was extremely thorough, easy to use and really did give me an added sense of security when I was out alone.

Sian TraynorEdinburgh Live

This app is such a fantastic way of keeping ourselves and families safe! It's not just for those affected by domestic violence, it can keep you safe when meeting new people, walking the dog, the kids going to meet friends or on their way to school/work. I honestly cannot praise or recommend it enough!

EllieApp Store Review

Think the app is such a brilliant idea, for both those who are relatively unsettled and those
who are in more serious situations. Definitely relieves certain anxieties and just adds an extra level of protection that you otherwise can't get individually!! Deffo recommend

GabsApp Store Review

What happens when you raise an Alert


The app has several ways to raise an Alert. By default you will have to press and hold the panic button for 5 seconds to start an Alert. The app also offer discreet and stealth modes that help with raising an Alert when you can’t be appearing to use your phone.


The app will now start to pin point your location, activate your phone’s camera and microphone to capture evidence (user permission dependant) and capture any other relevant information.


Your Alert details will now be sent to your choosen Emergency Contacts. They will recieve a secure web link with your location, and the evidence your phone is sharing. There will also be quick links to contact you to see if you need further help.

With Hollie Guard Extra, a professional police-apprived response team will contact you and escalate further if you need them to.

Supporting the Hollie Gazzard Trust

Using the Hollie Guard app means you are supporting the Hollie Gazzard Trust set up following the murder of Hollie by an ex-partner. So everytime you download, share or upgrade the app you are helping to combat violence against women and girls.

Set up by parents Nick and Mandy, along with sister Chloe, the charity helps reduce domestic violence through creating and delivering programmes on domestic abuse and promoting healthy relationships to schools and colleges.

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Simple, intuative, safe

Our smartphone app has been developed and tested over a number of years, making it easy to use when ever you need it. Hollie Guard has the trusted PanicGuard technology inside which is trusted by over 1 million users globally.

You can rely on Hollie Guard. And you know your privacy is our priority whenever you use Hollie Guard.

  • Trusted by millions
  • Robust technology
  • Always working
  • Strict data privacy procedures
  • Your personal data is never sold or shared
  • Easy to use

UK’s largest personal safety app

UK’s largest personal safety app

UK’s largest personal safety app

UK’s largest personal safety app

UK’s largest personal safety app

with over 500,000 users

with over 500,000 users

with over 500,000 users

with over 500,000 users

with over 500,000 users

The best value professional safety app in the world

How people use Hollie Guard


Carrying out your day-to-day activities shouldn’t feel dangerous or risky. Activating HollieGuard you know you have that guardian looking over you.


Travelling to unknown places can offer up risks that can hinder your enjoyment of your trip. Use HollieGuard wherever you are to reduce the stress of your safety whilst travelling.
Note: HollieGuard Extra only works in the UK.


Commuting can be dangerous regardless of your preferred method of transport. With HollieGuard, you can share your live journey with a loved one and should you run into any problems or need help, HollieGuard can notify your Emergency Contacts.

Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor exercise is a great way to relax and unwind. HollieGuard adds the confidence of your safety when out running, cycling or exercising. If you run into a dangerous situation you can immediately raise an Alert. And should you fall or trip, then HollieGuard will automatically detect the incident and raise an Alert for you.


Ridesharing has changed the way we travel around cities, but it can expose you to new risks. With HollieGuard you don’t have to worry about calling a ride to the airport or home after a night out. Real-time location sharing with your emergency contacts and easy activated panic button will help keep your journey safe.

Online Dating

Online dating has transformed how people meet and date, making it easier than ever to connect with anyone around the world. But searching for the perfect match has also introduced new safety concerns.

With HollieGuard, you can chat and meet in real life with confidence. Share your location with friends and family and have a panic button always in your pocket, should you need it.

Looking for commercial licences of Hollie Guard?

Hollie Guard is a perfect addition to an organisation’s safety and personal care policy. We can accommodate any organisation’s needs with our flexible licensing option.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the app free to use?

Yes the app is free to download. Using Hollie Guard Extra for an organisation does require a commercial license which we will happily discuss using this contact form.

How do I download the app?

You can download the app from your smartphone’s app store. It is compatiable for most modern smartphone’s.

How is the app funded?

Hollie Guard is funded through the Hollie Gazzard Trust, which means any money made through upgrading to Hollie Guard Extra goes directly to the Trust and helps support the reduction in violence towards women and girls.

How do I raise an Alert?

If you have an emergency, hold that button down for five seconds to raise an Alert.

Is my location always being shared?

No – you can pick and choose what is shared within the app. Your privacy is our priority. We only use your location data when you raise an Alert or share Journey details, and this data is only available to your choosen Emergency Contacts or the 24/7 police-approved monitoring centre if you are a Hollie Guard Extra customer. We will never share data with 3rd party companies.