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In danger? With a simple shake or tap it activates Hollie Guard, immediately notifying your chosen contacts, pinpointing your location and sending audio and video evidence directly to their mobile phones.

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What is Hollie Guard

Hollie Guard is a next generation smartphone app that provides enhanced levels of protection.

Hollie Guard has you covered, whether you’re working alone, travelling to an unknown area or simply commuting around town.

With Hollie Guard, you can set extra levels of protection from right inside the App.

Raising alerts with confidence

The idea of Deterrent mode is to make it clear to anyone in your surrounding area that an alert has been raised and to reduce the risk of an attack. The phone will display an obvious red alert screen capturing your GPS location, as well as audio/video footage that may be used to assess danger and collate evidence.

With a second shake of the phone it will generate a high-pitched alarm and a flashing light to attract help.

Alternately, Stealth Mode allows you to raise an alert silently while displaying a default home screen that would look inconspicuous to the attacker, thereby giving the impression that no alarm has been triggered.

This feature is useful in certain situations in which raising an alert could increase the risk of harm if the assailant becomes aware that an alert has been triggered.

Hollie Guard takes safety seriously...

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Our NEW 24/7 monitoring service provides direct access to a dedicated emergency response team who are fully equipped to assess your situation and are trained in appropriate escalation procedures.

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“Excellent. Used it when walking alone at night, although I didn't activate the alarm, it was reassuring to have it on as a safe guard”

“Really pleased with this app. Feel so much happier when my grandchildren are out. If they are ever in trouble it can show me where they are. Brilliant!”

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