Adding Emergency Contacts

Your emergency contacts are an important part of your app. It gives you peace of mind that your loved ones can check you’re safe. They can also be safe in the knowledge that they will receive a text message if you’re in danger. That’s why it’s important we help you set up your emergency contacts correctly.

Setting up your emergency contacts

Be sure to tell your emergency contact that you have set them up on the system so they know exactly what to do if an alert comes through.

  1. Click ‘Menu’ on the bottom dashboard.
  2. Click ‘Contacts’.
  3. Click ‘Add’. You can choose to add your contact from the address book or manually.
  4. Fill in your emergency contact details and double check they are correct.

Make sure that you flick the ‘ALERT’ button to on if you would like your emergency contacts to receive your alerts.

Setting up groups

There are lots of benefits to setting up groups on your emergency contacts list. You can turn off alerts for some groups and keep them on for others.

Some users create groups to differentiate parts of the organisation. For example, somebody might include day and night shift teams in separate groups. Other users might have their loved ones in one group and their boss in the other, and flick ‘ALERT’ on or off dependent on whether they are at work or not.

To set up a group:

  1. Click ‘Menu’ on the bottom dashboard.
  2. Click ‘Contacts’.
  3. Click ‘+ Create Group’ and type the group name.
  4. Add your contacts as detailed in Setting up your emergency contacts.
  5. To delete a group, click ‘Edit’ in the right hand top corner and delete as appropriate.

What should your emergency contact expect?

Your emergency contact will be notified by SMS and/or email if you raise or cancel an Alert and set up or cancel a journey. They will only be notified if the ‘ALERT’ button next to your contact’s group is on.

It is important to speak to your emergency contact before adding them to ensure they are aware of what to do in an emergency. This plan should be aligned with that of your service provider.

Having emergency contacts in your phone gives you an extra level of safety at all times, it’s an invaluable tool to have in your back pocket when you are out and about. Your emergency contacts will be alerted when you start a Journey, so they will be able to keep an eye out on their phone in case they are required.

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